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The Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education regularly produces relevant, independent research on issues affecting education and the business community in Georgia. It is often included in media reports recognizing its work or quoting its expertise in a variety of education-oriented articles/stories.

Most recent articles/coverage:

WGXA-TV, Macon – As more jobs come to Georgia, leaders work to prepare state’s youth
Saporta ReportGeorgia Leads in Addressing School Climate

Our most recent publications, research and commentaries

Assessment Inventory Helps Schools Test Smarter
This  Georgia Partnership project is gaining a lot of attention. The objective of the “pilot program [is] to help school districts test ‘smarter’ rather than more often.”

Media reports:
WDUN-Radio:  Barrow County pilot education program finds redundancies, gaps in testing
Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionShocking: see how much time testing consumed in one Georgia school district

EdQuest Georgia: Charting Educational Reform ( – This framework is designed to help stakeholders understand Georgia’s system of education, and to provide a concept of how the parts and pieces of the system fit together and reinforce each other. Based in best practice research, EdQuest highlights seven core policy areas that are common across high-performing states and countries. The baseline report examines where Georgia is strong and should continue the great work being done, as well as opportunities that need to be addressed to move the state forward.

Economics of Education – Fifth Edition.

Top Ten Issues to Watch in 2018Here is the flip-page version The Georgia Partnership will provide one free copy upon request. Postage-only will be charged for more.

Top Ten Issues to Watch in 2017.  Here is the flip-page version.

This annual report was released January 8 at the Georgia Partnership’s Media Symposium.  It is available here in flip-page format.  Click here for non-flip page formatWe will provide one free copy upon request.  The Georgia Partnership will ask for postage reimbursement on greater quantities.

REACHES – Research, Engagement and Communities for Hispanic/Latino Educated Students – Request a copy.  Online.

Race to the Top

This report takes an inside look at Georgia’s 4-year, $400 million grant.  What exactly was this work and what did it achieve?  It was a mammoth project that has served the state in a variety of areas.  The Race to the Top work has provided the state with momentum in its never ending quest to improve teaching and learning.

Request a hard copy.